Sunday, April 10, 2011

Risty Tagor Maternity Child

Risty Tagor Maternity Child

Getting married on October 2, 2010, artist and pesinetron Risty Tagor reportedly will soon give birth to her first child on Mother and Child Hospital UB Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta. Risty who is married to handsome actor Rifky this Baweel, reportedly are currently awaiting the birth of her child on Mother and Child Hospital of the UB. However, when confirmed, the hospital refused to give details.

From the family Risty has been no information about the child's birth Risty, so the hospital can not give more details because there is no party Risty family or the husband, young actor Rifky Baweel who contact the hospital. To provide a description should be no agreement between the hospital management with family Risty. But until now there is no any information from family or from her husband Rifky Risty Baweel.

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