Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kate Middleton Has Really Pregnant Before Marriage

Kate Middleton Has Really Pregnant Before Marriage?

Reportedly, Kate Middleton is currently pregnant prior to carrying out his marriage to the Prince. Kate's pregnancy news was rocked the British monarchy, so the kingdom denies that she is currently pregnant. Please note that the grand wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton in UK more or less stay 2 more weeks.

The bad news is circulated allegedly because her photo pose in a magazine cover was holding his stomach, as if he shows that being pregnant. And gossip, Kate and Prince William would announce her pregnancy after their return from honeymoon.

Pregnancy Kate is likely to be one reason why Prince William quickly want to get engaged to Kate. And the issue, the child she conceived a girl and if the right woman will be named Diana. However, of all the news circulated, from the work insisted denied that she is currently pregnant.

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