Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Raul Lemos been knocked Krisdayanti Before Marriage

Raul Lemos been knocked Krisdayanti Before Marriage

Pregnancy Krisdayanti who according to his confession have entered the age of four months, it does not surprise his neighbors. Because the neighbors in the region KD Radio in Jakarta often see that the husband KD namely Raul Lemos before officially become the diva's husband had often stayed at home KD.

Krisdayanti with Raul Lemos qobul final offer on March 20, 2011, and held their wedding reception in luxury at the date of March 25, 2011 at Hotel Mulia Jakarta. However, pregnancy Krisdayanti a lot of this discussion, did not make the KD to be worried, KD better admit it now that in fact she was pregnant four months, rather than have problems later in life.

While the two children from her marriage with Anang, that is Aurel and Azriel was pleased to hear that his mother was pregnant. They want to eventually have a sister, but the ex-husband Anang KD namely, not much to comment about the pregnancy Krisdayanti. And this very day, the sister of singer Yuni Shara is preparing a room at her home on Radio in for the baby when it's born.

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