Monday, April 4, 2011

Hollywood Celebrity Scandal The hottest and hottest in 2010

Hollywood Celebrity Scandal The hottest and hottest in 2010

World artists and Hollywood actors did not escape the scandal. Starting from infidelity, drugs, divorce, until the sex scandal with a porn star. Some artists who have the hottest and hottest scandal, among other things:

1. Singer Christina Aguilera 'Beautiful' is rumored to use his divorce with Jordan Bratman to promote her latest film 'Burlesque'. At that time, Christina announced plans to divorce before her new movie was released. Whether coincidence or not, the 30-year-old singer was dating Matthew Rutler before her separation from her husband.

2. John Mayer, the singer who many fans this is especially the fair sex, has a wild side in him. John frank about his sexual fantasies. John talked about his dream to write a porn script, imagine how Jessica Simpson in bed, and called his penis' white supremacy. John also had devastating Taylor Swift. John is a bad boy.

3. Katy Perry, dressed too sexy when appearing in the series 'Sesame Street' is most watched by children, these impressions anak.Dalam Katy performed with strict dress slit lower chest.

4. Miley Cyrus, actress and singer Miley Cyrus through his role on the popular Disney series 'Hannah Montana'. Thanks to his acting in the series, Miley a teen idol of the fans of Disney. Image Miley as a teenager a good video directly damaged so he was sucking something circulating on the Internet using a bong.

5. Paris Hilton, besides having a glamorous life, paris often make masalah.Paris again arrested by police for the umpteenth time since caught red-handed possession of cocaine.

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